Cadet International - Kenten, Germany - November 2001

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Best foot forward!
(L-R) Peter Kirby (Shakespeare's), James Walker, Lauren Sewell (Shakespeare's),
Jo Hutchison, Alex O'Connell, Charie Winn & Nat Lewis.

Jo Hutchison, Lauren Sewell (Shakespeare's), Neil Brown (Coach) & Nat Lewis.

Jo Hutchison (Bath Sword) & Lauren Sewell (Shakespeare's) practise prior to their bouts.

(L-R) Jo Hutchison, Alex O'Connell, Peter Kirby (Shakespeare's), Lauren Sewell (Shakespeare's), Nat Lewis & Charlie Winn.

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(L-R) Jo Hutchison, Alex O'Connell, Lauren Sewell (Shakespeare's), Charlie Winn & Nat Lewis.

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The Kenten Team on the ferry
complete with 'trophy'
Cadet International, Germany
Nov 2001

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